The Mason Pearson Hairbrush


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We are now closed for Easter and we will reopen on Wednesday May 3rd.

These famous iconic hairbrushes need no introduction. Still made in Britain, they are as popular and sought after as ever and are increasingly hard to find. This is a gift to treasure and makes the perfect Christening present or special gift.


We offer two sizes: the smaller 'pocket' size with bristle and nylon tufts or just pure bristle tufts and the larger 'handy' size with bristle and nylon tufts.


Please see the images for pictures of these designs.

Pink script with scattered flowers

Blue script with scattered flowers

Lilac script with scattered flowers

The larger handy size brush comes with a smaller brush for cleaning. They all come in the traditional Mason Pearson box.

Only one name per brush, to a maximum of 9 letters

I use enamel paints to hand-paint and personalise the hairbrushes. All my decorative artwork and personalisation is done free hand by me. I do not use templates or marker pens, nor do I outsource any of my artwork. As such, each piece you receive is unique and specially painted for you by me.


Pocket size: 172 mm long, 51 mm wide, head length 90 mm

Handy size: 216mm long, 64mm wide, head length 110mm. The handy size brush comes with a small black brush for cleaning.

They all come in the traditional Mason Pearson box.

These brushes should last a lifetime but the artwork will not! As these brushes are handpainted we do suggest that they are kept carefully and treated with love, kindness and care. They can be washed with a gentle baby shampoo. We do not guarantee the artwork for any length of time. However, if possible, we are happy to touch up brushes for a small fee. Please contact us for details.