Black And Red Valentine's Secret Message in an Egg


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Delight your Valentine with a secret personalised message, hidden inside a real quails egg in a bespoke luxury gift box. Hatch the Love!

Deliver your special message to your Valentine in this unique, unforgettable way. Imagine their delight when they crack the delicate shell of the real quail's egg with the little gold or silver spoon and find nestled inside your own personal love message on a piece of parchment paper, rolled up to resemble a tiny scroll. Pure heaven!

A tiny real quail's eggshell has been hand blown and then handpainted in silver or left as a natural egg, if you prefer that option. We then print out your message on a piece of parchment paper and it is expertly rolled and slipped inside a tiny hole at the base of the blown egg. It is then placed on either a birch nest or a silvered candle votive. The nest and votive are filled with moss, dried flower petals, real feathers and gold filigree confetti.

A few little taps with the spoon is all that is needed for the egg to crack open and voila! your message is revealed....the perfect way to surprise and astonish even the most sophisticated Valentine.

Don't be shy! The message can just say 'I love you' or announce your special Valentine's Day treat such as details of your dinner reservation, that promised trip to Paris or even Will You Marry Me? Whatever you decide to write, the moment of giving will be full of anticipation and create a memory of a magical moment in time.

The egg comes in a black luxury card box. The box has a handpainted printed watercolour label with the name of your choice and the date, 14th February 2017. The nest or votive is surrounded by a crown of shredded natural paper wood and is protected by a layer of cotton wadding.

What's not to love? Dare to be different this Valentines Day.

Please be aware. We copy and paste your secret message, so please check all spelling, punctuation, capitalisation and grammar carefully. No emoticons, please!