Mothers Day Silver and Black Bespoke Secret Message in an Egg


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Say ‘Happy Mother's Day’ to the special Mum in your life with something truly unique; a real handpainted egg with a secret message inside.

For when you want to wish your Mum "Happy Mother's Day' in a way that’s luxurious, sophisticated and special, we have created this gorgeous card alternative that will be remembered for years to come.

This wonderful gift will spark the imagination of anyone who loves something a little lavish. The decorated egg in a silvered votive, the Tibetan silver spoon and gold leaf are quirky and magical; ideal for anyone who’s “seen it all”!

Your Mum taps the egg a few times with the little silver spoon to reveal the hidden message inside.

The message could be a loving sentimental message about how much you love them, what makes them special to you or details of a gift or dinner to come. The choice is yours.

The hand-blown real quails egg is painted in silver or left natural.

It is then nestled inside a glass votive. The votive is lined with a bed of real moss, tiny feathers, gold leaf and dreid flower petals.

The egg and its votive are then popped in a luxurious black card box on a bed of paper hay. It is printed with a customised label in archival quality water colour paper with the words 'Happy Mother's Day'.

With the small Tibetan silver spoon nestled beside the egg, the gift is ready to be given. Sit back and watch the delight on your Mum's face when she cracks open the egg and reveals your special secret message inside!