Personalised Christmas Dog in a Box


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Celebrate your special pooch this Christmas. Have him delivered as a personalised Christmas dog decoration in his own red box with a personalised plaque.

What's not to love in this adorable little grey 'schanuzer' dog or his friend, the tan and white fox terrier? 

Allow them to be part of your Christmas fun and have them gifted in their own personalised red box with a little tag with your name of choice.

The little wooden dog above the plaque on the card gift box is a handpainted miniature Christmas dog, replete with red scarf and matching pom pom hat. 

We do not use printers and all the artwork is done by hand with lots of love and patience.

We offer two little dogs. A grey Schnauzer type and a little tan and white dog.

The red wooden plaque reads " (your name) and then Christmas Dog.

Please note: When the name ends in an 's' such as Charles or James, we use the possessive ' . So it will read James's or Charles's First Christmas. If you would prefer it without the possessive mark such as ‘James' First Christmas’ please message me immediately after you have placed your order.